First Post

Welcome to my first blog post!

Today was a rainy day and I went to work with my husband. I went to see Sharon Stewart at LifeCare Family Health Services first thing this morning. We discussed my medications. I have weaned myself from Aderal and have not taken any Xanax in a couple of weeks. She agreed to lower my dose of Prozac from 20mg to 10mg but requested I keep the Xanax for just in case situations.

My husband and I ate Greek sandwiches and fries for lunch.

I had a mild spell at around 9PM which my husband recorded a video of on his cell phone for future reference.

After that, we ate stir fry vegetables and buttered bread. I drank sweet tea.

I have been trying to learn to play the keyboard and am enjoying it very much.

This is actually my husband writing the first post so I will have an example to look at for future ones. I hope my wife uses this and feel it will be a great help to her in dealing with her emotions and helping her to remember what all she has been thru.

God Bless you all!


The 700 Club

The 700 Club is airing my ( Doris Egbert ) testimony tomorrow at 9 AM CST and 10 PM CST.
This is the title:
“Believing for a Miracle
Medically inexplicable seizures didn’t diminish this lady’s faith in God.”
You can watch it on the internet here
Doris on 700Club
They originally showed my testimony on The 700 Club Interactive a couple of weeks ago, but my husband and I are both super exited that God is getting the glory from our testimony on an even wider audience!

700 Club Schedule

Letter to TBN


First of all I want to give all the praise and Glory to God for TBN and all my sisters and Brothers on Here. The reason I am writing . I was watching Praise the Lord last nite celebrating Lori’s Birthday Happy Birthday!!!! There was a blonde hair man that was speaking last nite on the show and as he was speaking god spoke to me because everything that gentleman spoke of was straight from god to me.I know this with everything  I have in me I just weeped when He began to speak those words from the television. With all that said. I am the one that has not much education  I am the one that I feel I’m not good enough or powerful enough to make a change in someone’s life and and to share with others that with the love of god there is hope at the end of the Journey. I don’t even know where to begin but I have so much to share of gods love and mercy on me and how he loved me and knew me even when I didn’t realize he was with me all the time. my Testomonie started back when I was a little girl just turning thirteen years old. I was raped and beat and kidnapped held hostage for a week the mans plans was to kill me before anyone fought out He was going to throw me into the ocean  for perronias to eat my flesh. No one was there to see all the pain and fear I went through but god did and he kept me safe until   I made it back home to my Mother and Dad that was waiting on me in Nashville . Then as I got older and and started dating and living life on my own I was in nothing but abbussive relationships and making a lot of wrong choices in life then I started having babies of my own and I got introduced to the glamour of dancing and the devils dirty money for many years. Then my mother got ill and she passed away she was my very best friend at the time I was in a seven year relationship that was abbussive to me and my children I thought I was doing the right thing at the time holding on in the relationship I wouldn’t us to be a family but there was no family nothing but heartache and pain and scars when my mother past I was so lost and tired and weary I was going to end my life no one knew just me but God saw me I had tears rolling down my face because I felled as a mother i thought here was my baby girl at the age of fifteen told me she was pregnant and my baby son that had no respect for me because that’s all he seen at the time and all he knew. So I thought I had no purpose for life so I was going to end it and then I heard a knock at my door and a small steal voice telling it was time for a change . God took me by my hand and led me to a church down at the end of my road my daughter went with me she had no idea that I had plans on taking my life because we knew no one at this church it was a little country church I pulled up in the parking lot and it was full we walked up to the door and went inside and the sancrary was empty Satan still thought he had time but god put it on my Daughters heart enstead of Getting back into the car and going home she took me by the hand and she looked up at me and said no MOMA we will keep walking until we see someone and we did we walked into this big bright room where I felt all eyes was on me this man stood up and asked me mam may I help you and I said yes sir with tears flowing down my face I said sir I believe this is the place I need to be He said praise the lord we are having a business meeting and after this meeting we will have church and we did and that’s when I turned my life over to Jesus and my Daughter did too. I have been walking with the lord since I was 32 years old and I am still walking and living for Him I am now 45 years old . I am now married to a godly LOVIN man that treats and loves me as I should be treated that I thought I was never worthy of we have been on a long journey together dealing with a illness that happen at a blink of a eye one Sunday while in church back in 05 as he was teaching adult  Sunday school the do tors at the time thought I had a stroke I was amitted to the hospital I was told I don’t remember due to memory lose but they said I knew no one not my husband nor my kids I couldn’t speak everything I spoke I was told was jib rush I was in credical care unit and moved to stress unit I was in and out of hospitals I had test after test  doctor after doctor trying to figure out what has happen to me then they came up with Conversion Disorder. I was mute for about seven months but even though I couldn’t talk I was still able to sing praises to the lord I never got mad at god I kept my faith even though I didn’t have the answers nor did I understand asking why me. This condition destroyed my life for many years I was having seizures my mobility I was on a walker for months this went on for almost seven years I had so many people praying for me and standing in faith all these years I never refused no ones prayers because it was the person I was trusting in it was my lord I knew to keep holding on and I knew my healing was coming but I just didn’t know when and where it would be here or on the other side  so this year something huge happen to me god began opening doors for me to teach Sunday school to the children I had been doing that for about six months straight and one Sunday I will never forget it was January 6 2013 I asked the pasture if it would be okay to sit out in praise and worship this Sunday I told him I felt I was under attack and he said sure I think that would be a great idea so I did god started LOVIN on me like never before and then I felt myself slipping away I felt a seizure about to happen I eased my way out to the back and the pastures wife seen I was in trouble and followed behind me and then I was going in and out of seizures they wouldn’t stop then a brother in Christ came behind me and demanded and took authority of the seizures and they stopped I was so wormed out by that time after he commanded them to stop it was like I had went into a deep deep sleep and I woke and the pastures wife looked at me and told me not to be afraid that my brother in Christ had a word for me they all began to move me and carried me to a quite room and I heard this lady’s voice with authority telling people that if they had any doubt and didn’t believe don’t enter this room she repeated it again they laid me on the floor and open their bibles and began to read scripture and then I remember her laying the bible on the middle part of my stomatch and her reading out loud and as soon as she began to speak the pain I felt at the time was breath taken very painful didn’t last long  I remember my back arching of the floor from the pain it was Jesus hands digging i felt his hands all that hurting pain I felt for many years and all the lies of the enemy that was trying to kill me Because once the pain was over I felt a warmth come over my body and I knew then something big had happen. But that’s not all of it I knew the healing and deliverence of a strong hold took place but after it was over I began to have another seizure  the brother that was in the room with me began to tell me to look into his eyes he knew that I was delivered in that room but I still had something that only me and Jesus knew about that I had to make right I had a brother and sister that had hurt me at another church where god led me and it was all about music  I didn’t know at the time what he was talking about so he suggested I get with the lord to make things right so I could recieve this healing and deliverence I told him I would my husband and I went to eat and while at the resturant I had another seizure I was completly worn out we was leaving and I put down the make up mirror in the car fixing my makeup and my husband looked over at me and asked why I was putting my makeup on I told him I wanted to go to the church I got hurt at and he begin to say no because I had a very ruff day. I shared with him but you don’t understand I need to hear gods word then I know it ad to be god to change his mind he looked over at me and said are you sure you feel up to it I said oh yes I had no idea that that brother was going to be there nor tat my parents where going to be there because they have been hurt at this church too so we walked in and there he was on the drums I told myself I wasn’t going to let him bother e tat I was going to keep my eyes on Jesus but see they was having communion that nite and my dad said I had another seizure and that he prayed over me for about ten minutes asking god to help me through so I could take communion and god did just that and when I came too I went to my brother with tears flowing asking for his forgiveness and then went to his wife and did the same and she reached out and touched my stomatch and looked at me and said you are free I thought she knew what happen earlier that day I thought someone talked to her but no one did it was conformation so everyone heard what had took place in my life that day and they asked me to do the women’s meeting to share of this amazing healing and deliverence that has taken place I knew then it was all god because they didn’t care to much for my husband and I  because we left the church after getting hurt so the deliverence and the healing took place at one church but it was completed at another so that nite I went home just weeping and crying with tears of joy and the next day I was in my prayer closet talking with god telling him god okay I have heard from man but god now I what to here from you in your words and god you know me and who I am about and you know I don’t really know the bible or the scriptures so god if I have done everything I needed to do to complete this healing and deliverence father god I am going to shut my bible completly and god I want you to lead me to your word that I have completed everything I needed to do I don’t want to thumb for pages I just want to open it up and know its you and so I did I shut my bible and open my eyes no thumbing or searching I open it to Isaiah 42  talking about setting the captive free and that was me and in my bible I wrote sight sealed delivered by Jesus Christ January 7 2013 and I have been seizure free living my life off all medications in one day without any withdraws that I have been on for many many years doctors told me I could not get off them but my Jesus told and showed them different we serve a mighty big god and I know he has not bought me all this way to sit and do nothing he deserves all the glory and I want to give him all the glory he deserves and I want to share with others that there is hope of every journey we are on just never let go and hold on to his hand Amen !!!!!!! I would love  to come on your tv show and sing and praise My father because he is so worthy to be praised !!!!!! Sorry about my misspelled words and my writting I don’t have a lot of education but I’m finding out with god you don’t have to have a PHD or pretend your somebody your not because he excepts you just for who you are and he loves us all the same Amen!!!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I pray god will start to open doors for me to share his love with others and hind me behind the cross amen !!!!!!! God bless !!!!!!!!
Here is all my contact information 615-428-4409 or 615-876-4538
I truly believe God is ready for me to share his love and get out of my comfort zone and believe that I am someone and he has plans for my life after the show last nite thank you God and TBN and praise the lord TV!!!!!!!


I was helping my friend at her house getting things ready for a yard sale and i started feeling light headed and shaky and i went into a spell then i was tired and had to go home and lay down.still on new meds and aciberry cleanse.


Today i have had a bad headache .   I started yawning and i couldn’t stop. That is a warning sign of a spell. So I stoped the yawning and had a bad headache and i went to sleep. I woke up and I seemed to be okay. I didnt go into a spell but still had a bad headache.  still on celexa and aci berry cleanse.


Today I was cleaning and I started sweeting like a cold sweat and I started shaking my vision got blurry . So I got to the couch and called my husband this spell di not effect my speech like the seizures do. So I am still doing my acia berry cleanse  So I got me a bowl of cereral thinking maybe it was that I hadnt eaten breakfast and I had to take a xanax and then after a while I went to sleep. After I woke up I seemed to be okay and I got back to cleaning on my house.


I went to my doctors visit  I was feeling okay that day. No spells. I had shared with her that it seemed like I was gaining a lot of weight and feeling tired and having more spells. So she decided to try me on something eles other than  20. mg of prozac. She wanted me to try celexa. So I agreed to give it a try.  These spells are wearing me and my body out too. I got it filled on 4-8-2010 and started a aciberry cleanse  that day also. But I didnt start the celexa until next day 4-09-2010.  So far  things seem to going okay at he time. I will keep posting….